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 Where is the event taking place?

The event will be held on Feb 16th 2020 at the beautiful Granberry Hills Event Facility-Hillside Ballroom. The address is 6390 Granberry Rd. San Antonio, Texas 78239.

Who can join my team to compete in the games?

All teams compete in teams of (4) four. Team members can be anyone from your friends, bridal party, fiance, etc.! Whoever you know will be by your side to help you win! Teams are encouraged to be co-ed, but don't have to be. Don't forget your Support Crew!

What is a Support Crew?

You need your fans to cheer you on! Support Crews can be anyone who wants to attend the event to cheer on your team! Support Crews will NOT be allowed to compete in Battle Games. Support Crews will be allowed access to venue game areas, food, and open bar. (Must Be 21 to drink alcohol) Water & non-alcoholic drinks will be available to all. Support Crews will also be allowed to participate in Raffles & Non-Battle Games & Tons of Fun!

How many can I bring in my Support Crew?

Due to the venue capacity restrictions, teams will be limited in how many support crew members they can bring. Each team will be limited to adding (6) Six Support Crew Passes.  Support Crew Passes are LIMITED and will be sold on a First-Come First-Served basis. Passes can be purchased when you make your team payment. Support Crew Passes may also be added at a later date if passes are still available. Support Crew Passes are $25 pre-booked per person, $35 per person at the door IF available. 

Are guys allowed to compete?

Yes, why should the girls only have all the fun? This is a co-ed event! Teams will be matched up per challenge to include guys and girls. If for some reason a team is without a guy, we will adjust teams per challenge and the others can hit the bar!

Can I Sub in Players?

If for whatever reason one of your Competing Team Players cannot compete anymore once Live in game play. We will allow ONLY (1) Sub In from your Support Crew. They must be approved by Battle Of The Rings Lead Officiant & MUST SIGN Release Waiver! Player being replaced will not be allowed back in Battle Games for rest of event.

What Can I Win?

Grand prizes for placed winners will be announced soon: Including some Big Vendor Service Giveaways & More! Already have all your services picked for your special day, Opt out for the Cash Option and Win Up To $500 in Cash! But we don't stop there! Throughout the event we will have raffles giving away cash, swag gear, cool merchandise, gift certificates & More! Oh wait, did i mention Open Bar!

Open Bar-Say What?

Yes, you heard it right. There will be an Open Bar throughout the event with a designated “cocktail hour” and “After Party”. However, this is NOT a BYOB type of deal. Battle of The Rings will be providing all the alcohol for the event and have a professional bartending company serving. YOU MUST BE 21 TO CONSUME ALCOHOL AND WILL BE CARDED. Anyone under the age of 21 caught drinking or displaying inappropriate behavior will be asked to leave.

How much is it?

Each co-ed team of 4 will cost $100 and must be paid all at once for each team. We will get the names of individual team members once your team is registered.

Is there a age restriction?

Yes, for participants that will be competing with teams, you must be at least 18 years and older to compete. 

Dress Attire?

Whatever your heart desires! Workout attire is recommended, but if you want to get alil crazy and unique, go ahead! We love teams that go all out and stick out from the rest. There will be a prize given in the end for the best dressed team :)


What happens on day of event?

Once you arrive on location and are all checked in…We will begin our event with a cocktail hour, where you can grab some food and drinks, meet the vendors, mingle, and get a game plan going! After that, we start the clock and it’s game on! Our staff will facilitate the games and they’ll be judged by the participating wedding vendors. All challenges are OPTIONAL and are made to be fun--we are not going to force you to do anything you do not want to do. However, the more you play, the more points you get! The games will include: team relays, lip sync battles, garter crawls, and more! Throughout event we will be doing raffles and giveaways to keep the GRAND PRIZE suspense going! Once the time clock runs out, we will begin award presentation to announce all winners and prizes. But wait…there’s more! Come to the Battle After Party for another drink, some dancing, and another round of prizes! There will be an Open Bar and food provided for the participants and spectators throughout the event.

Rainy Day?

The Show must go on! All our events will have access to indoor and outdoor areas. So just in case there is a shower, we got you covered.

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